Fredom: It’s My Choice, Not Yours.

Freedom is the ability to be able to make your own choices. This means getting to decide what you do and who you are. When children are born with what physicians consider “unnatural” genitalia, be it they are missing one, the one they have doesn’t seem to be of natural size, or they have both male and female genitalia, the physicians get final say on whether the child is given male of female genitalia. This is unjust because it gives the doctors a right that belongs to the child itself. If a child is given genitalia that he or she later does not feel comfortable with, they will either have to live an unhappy life in which they are uncomfortable in their bodies or have to undergo more surgery to correct the mistake. I think it is important that physicians  think about the child. They should leave the child’s body alone until it can decide what it feels more comfortable with. It is their body and their choice. They should be free to have a say in what is done to their body and not have someone else decide for them.

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