Inequity at its Best: Identity Issue

As I was reading through the texts I was astonished at how aggressive the need is to identify oneself before society, and how one is then judged by which choice is made. Julia Serano stated in “Experimental Gender” that the trans woman has been described as “a woman trapped in a man’s body.” Automatically the notion was that the trans woman does not want to become a man anymore and wants to switch to the other gender in the typical binary system. Who said that any person has to choose between any category? Why does there even have to be a category? This has created a world in which we are confined to the cliques and groups we associate with so that the stigmas and expectations are carried along with it. If this weren’t the case then people like Caster Semenya wouldn’t feel that their athletic ability was restricted because of the assumptions ascribed to her at birth. Anthing regarding ones own beliefs and way of viewing the world should be a private decision not pressured by having to fit into any given category. As Serano also stated, “gender is first and foremost and individual experience”.

Julia Serano, “Experimental Gender” (2007).

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