Is there such thing as free choice?

When immigrants moved to the “melting pot” known as America, they looked for the freedom to do things that their countries did not allow for. With a mix of different cultures, races, genders, and job opportunities, America gives the impression that each individual is free to make their own decisions as long a they abide by the rules. Today,  the government’s claim to give everyone free choice is negated by judgements made in society, especially when dealing with one’s choice on gender.

For example, every person has the choice to compete in the Olympic games if you have the ability to perform. In Caster Semenya’s case, the choice to compete in the Olympics also meant dealing with the judgements of the USADA and the USOC in deciding if she needed gender verification testing. In Summer T. Pierson’s “The Culture of the Elite Athlete…“, she explains that there is no such “right to compete” and is in fact considered a privilege to compete (Pierson, 2011), which is the explanation to justify for unright criticisms. Semaya does not have the choice to wear what she wants or have a certain “look” if she does want to continue in competing without verification testing, because in this case, the judgements may outweigh the choice to compete. The day when no judgements or accusations are made based on rightful actions of others is when America will have true free choice.

Pierson, Summer T. “The Culture of the Elite Athlete: An Enhanced Perspective on the Case of Caster Semenya, and Gender Verification Testing.” Weblog post. National Society of Genetic Counselors, 9 Mar. 2011. Web. 18 Sept. 2012.

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