What is Fairness?

Young adults in modern American society are perceived as more sexually expressive than their parents and grandparents ever were. People are becoming increasingly comfortable and accepting of open discussions about sex. However, there seems to be a blatant double standard in the perceptions of men and women as sexual beings. When a heterosexual male seeks out a heterosexual female with the sole intention of engaging in sexual intercourse with said female, it seen as “boys just being boys”. I believe that men that frequently engage in this behavior are scrutinized, especially by females, but not as much as their female counterparts. When a heterosexual female seeks out a heterosexual male with the sole intention of engaging in sexual intercourse with him, she is at great risk of being deemed a “slut”. The labeling of a female as a “slut”, greatly differs from any type of scrutiny that a man would typically get for the same behavior. When a female is labeled as a “slut”, this label automatically pervades her entire lifestyle and is used to describe her personality, her attitude, and capabilities. Others’ interactions with her may change because as a female “slut”, she becomes devalued in the eyes of others, as if her sexual choices are the defining factors of her entire character. I think that the idealistic perception of women is one that values purity, and sex, especially casual sex, is perceived as a dirty act or a taboo topic to many people. Although it seems that, as a whole, young adults are becoming more accepting of the sexual freedoms of men and women, this double standard still exists and continues to affect relations between men and women.

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One Response to What is Fairness?

  1. alexis413 says:

    I too wonder why this double standard still exists and is so prevalent in today’s society, where sex and sexuality are no longer repressed and men and women are more equal than ever. Why are women destined to be the virtuous, pure, and conservative beings? Who says being promiscuous is a bad thing?
    I do not believe there is one group to blame, but rather society’s unwillingness to disrupt the pattern of history without some large-scale catalyst being present.
    I think women and men equally work to keep this double standard alive. Women, through our inaction and sometimes judgmental nature toward other women, and men through their ridiculous desire for a “good, wholesome girl”.
    I think in order to even the playing field, we need to do two things: stop viewing sex as bad or impure and put the ideas of how a woman is “supposed to behave” behind us for good.

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