Is Equality Possible?

In class, we talked about how people are capable of making distinctions without placing a value judgement on them. For example, we are able to distinguish apples from oranges without saying that apples are superior to oranges. However, would this ever be possible with gender categories? Currently, we live in a gender binary, and men are generally placed above women in most aspects. As long as we live in this binary, could that ever change, or is “separate but equal” just inherently unequal?

Also, Fausto-Sterling brought up the notion of recognizing other sexes. According to her, human beings fall into a wider range of sex categories than male/female. Would opening up our concept of sex to include more variety make our society more equal? Or would these new sexes just fall into a hierarchy? Does anything change if we detach the concept of “sex” and “gender”?

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One Response to Is Equality Possible?

  1. sdavis2012 says:

    You bring up a good point about the notion of “separate, but equal” because historically it has turned out to be quite the opposite. I think opening up our concept of sex and gender to include more variety is an important step to making our society fairer, but that doesn’t mean the belief that “the more masculine you are the more superior” will completely vanish. It also takes a conscientious effort to recognize and acknowledge the significance/ value that each difference has to offer or contribute to society. It requires understanding that differences can be used to obtain balance, and that the analysis of all perspectives can to be taken into account in order foster objectivity. I don’t know if absolute equality is possible, but I think that it is possible to create a more even distribution of resources and opportunity, that is, if everyone does their part. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will live to see that day when that becomes a reality, but I pledge to do my part regardless.

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