Marrying Up

After getting engaged, the topic of marriage has become near and dear to my heart. I never thought I would be engaged at such a young age, especially, considering my work ethic. However, my impending marriage does not deter me from wanting to continue my education and enter a new career. If anything, it has made me want these things more.

People often question my decision to choose my life partner this early. They ask, “Why now? How come you didn’t wait until he has made his fortune?” These questions demean my ability to provide for my future family and myself. Besides, I would rather not end up like Daisy in The Great Gatsby, regretting that I did not choose the love of my life for “better prospects.” The question I ask now is, “Why should I marry up?”

My choice was to marry someone who I love and can make life decisions with on an equal footing. In my opinion, marrying someone who believes that they are above you is not good for ones self-esteem or a solid relationship. This whole idea of searching for someone who exceeds you in status or financial means can turn marriage into a form of slavery. This cannot be far from the truth considering that women and men often take verbal abuse and commands from the matchmaker, Patti Stanger on the television shows “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Instead of marriage, it should be mutual exploitation like in the following video:

On the other hand, I do not suggest throwing yourself at a proverbial “dirt bag” either. Marriages might actually work if more people found someone they actually felt comfortable being around, where the relationship brings the best out of themselves and the best out of their partner since both parties are bringing something to the table.

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