Weight Determines Happiness in Marriage?


Oftentimes, scientific studies are used to support and defend sexist and heteronormative ideas in our society. In this specific study, which was published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, scientists concluded that couples in which the wife is thinner than the husband are happier becausethe wives are happy because their husbands are happy.” This study not only perpetuates the idea that happiness is tied directly to appearance, but that the happiness of a couple depends on the husband’s happiness. The study then concludes that “women of any size can be happy as long as they are with the right partner … they just have to be thinner than their husband”, implying that happiness in a marriage is determined by weight rather than something like love or trust. Do these “scientific” studies change how we view society and our relationships? Or do the stereotypes in our society affect the conclusions these scientists reach? Also, what is it about weight that is so important to Americans? Do you think it really does play a big part in happiness in relationships?

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