For your creative side… a poem about eating disorders, “Fat”

Caroline Rothstein is a spoken word poet who graduated from Penn and performed on campus Wednesday, October 3. Her poem, “fat”, has gained national recognition and Lady Gaga highlighted the poem after she came out about her own eating disorder.  The poem is really inspiring and incorporates how individuals, in a very real way, deal with the issues of anorexia and bulimia that we discussed in class.  In class, it all seems distant sometimes talking about people in advertisements and models, but Caroline was an undergrad at Penn.  She discusses the pressures of going to a type-A school and how that perpetuated her disorder, which was discussed in the readings for the class; successful women need to control their bodies in particular ways (it’s safe to say that we’re all successful, having been accepted to Penn, and that it is a high pressured/ competitive environment).   In addition, she makes the comparisons that we discussed in class between individuals who are starving due to access versus our society of excess in which eating disorders develop due to the need to control the excess.

Poem “Fat” (check out the rest of her website and youtube… she has an entire body empowerment series):


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