Women’s Rights and the 2012 Election

As a non-affiliated registered voter with very political friends, I am often presented with different speeches and materials as to why I should vote democrat or republican.  One of my friends, who is currently working for the Obama campaign, sent me this video about women’s rights and different political stances on the issues.  It features women re-stating quotes that different lawmakers and US leaders have said about reproductive rights.  Regardless of political affiliation, I found the video very captivating and shocking.  We have not discussed reproductive rights explicitly thus far, but in a class of eligible voters and the upcoming election, I thought this could be an informative video for us to watch.  With the economy and healthcare as two major issues for the 2012 election (as evidenced by the debate tonight, 3-Oct), women’s rights are sometimes sidelined to discuss tax cuts.  Whether or not the candidates focus on women’s issues in the upcoming debates and campaigns, it’s important we continue the dialogue here on campus.

Watch here:


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  1. jennajoelle says:

    In class this week, we watched a “Sh@t __ Says” video. I recently came across another version of this series related to the upcoming election. The above post is a youtube video which relays the quotes that politicians have said about women. The link in this comment is an article that was featured in Cosmopolitan this month that notes some of the quotes as well. It also includes an article about a girl who decided to change her political affiliation due to the remarks made by Conservative politicians. In thinking about the oppositional gaze and how to react to the different media we are exposed to, the woman in this article decided to speak out by volunteering for the Obama campaign and sharing her story with this widely read magazine. Talk about a raised eyebrow…

    Cosmopolitan Article: “Shit Politicians Say…About Women’s Rights”

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