One Billion Rising

In lschott1’s post, she discussed how it is ‘taboo’ to injure a female. This got me thinking a lot about more serious violence towards women, especially rape, and it reminded me of a video I recently watched (details below). Why is it unacceptable for a man to injure a woman in a minor way—like with a slap—but it is somehow so common for women to suffer from domestic violence and rape? Why would someone in a mall shriek when a guy slaps a girl, when we don’t do enough to stop far more serious attacks on women around the globe? This is where there seems to be true inequality that extends far beyond our nation’s “don’t hurt a girl” mentality.

There’s a movement called One Billion Rising that is trying to do something about this inequality. Check out their mission here, and be sure to watch the incredibly moving video!

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1 Response to One Billion Rising

  1. domcp says:

    Emily, thank you for sharing this inspiring movement and video. The aspect of the video that spoke to me was the gesture of each woman holding up their pointer finger. I understood this to represent the fact that each was one woman, one female voice, standing up for the one billion women that will endure violence in their lifetime. So often, victims of violence succumb to the culture of silence, whether due to self-blame or fear. With a movement like One Billion Rising, I hope that those once silenced voices will find validation in their stories of abuse in hearing the stories of other women. The movement displays the agency with which women can combat abusive behavior, particularly by standing together and letting abusers know that at least one billion are watching.

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