Fat and Gender Stereotypes

First of all, I’m so glad we’re talking about fat studies in class! I’ve always been really passionate about the intersection between feminism and fat studies but didn’t know people actually studied it, so this is great.  I actually first realized my “inner feminist” because of something my dad said about weight/gender.  We were watching tv when an “overweight” weather woman came on the screen, and my dad immediately said “Oh, she could lose a pound or two.”  Now my dad himself is “overweight”, and it really shocked me that he of all people would say that about this woman.  I always thought that we “overweight” people needed to stick together against society and the rest of the thin people (that mentality in itself is messed up, but that’s another story).  But here I saw there was even a divide between fat people.  My dad didn’t call out the fat old men, but he immediately called out the young, fat women.  It seems that even among people who don’t fit the stereotypical “thin and beautiful” mold, gender stereotypes and expectations still hold.

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