Sex slavery rehabilitation in India

First of all, thank god at least some of these girls are being rescued from the brothels.  The fact that people are noticing and trying to solve this problem that faces 300,000 women speaks volumes of the changing times and attitudes in India. HOWEVER, the way in which these organizations are rehabilitating the girls is not appropriate.  They say the sex slave trade is prominent in India because of the gender bias that’s engrained in the culture.  These organizations may be saving the girls from the manifestation of one gender bias, but they’re putting them right back in another.  These transit houses teach girls “vocational trades” – like cooking and how to apply makeup.  They’re taking these girls out of sex slave industry only to put them into traditionally women’s jobs where they will be discriminated against and prevented from rising through the ranks.  If instead these transit houses and organizations gave the girls an education, supported them in college, or gave them the resources to pursue a higher paying job based on non-domestic skills, they’ll be much better off in the future.  

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