Tattooed Diet Coke Bottle

This specific advertisement reveals the way in which women are objectified as inanimate objects.  The twist in this ad is the fact that the bottle is transformed into the body of a “normal” woman, rather than the woman being transformed into an object.  The personification of the Coke bottle demonstrates two significant points about societal values: 1) the narrow, myopic view of the “ideal” woman’s body sells products, 2) women watch themselves being looked at.  According to Kilbourne, “the primary purpose of the mass media is to sell audiences to advertisers”.  This point is clearly demonstrated in this ad because the advertisers are selling the heterosexual male gaze of the “ideal” female body; ultimately, the consumers are being sold as products.  Berger’s view supports the second claim because through the portrayal of the woman’s body on the Coke bottle, women watch other’s objectifying their body by gazing at the Coke bottle.  By targeting heterosexual men through the objectification of the female body, domestic and sexual violence are more easily justified, creating a hazardous environment for all women.


Kilbourne, 1999, “We are the Product”

Berger, 1972, “Men Act, Women Appear”

Advertisement Source:—lady-gaga-nicole-kidman-grace-kelly-beyonce-jay-z-one-direction-james-bond-skyfall/gallery/18

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