Carl’s Jr: Love Burger

The reason this advertisement is so funny is because it makes light of the fact that men are expected to objectify their partners. The fact that “our society encourages women to see themselves as objects” (Hesse-Biber, 62) has produced a “heterosexual male gaze” (Berger) which creates a male “surveyor” who objectifies his partners. This man has objectified his partner to the extent that his partner is now literally an object.

This ad also brings to light another gender stereotype that advertisements thrive on: the idea that men are stupid. Daily, consumers are inundated with commercials depicting a bumbling idiot husband who makes mistakes and messes that his wife eventually has to fix. This particular commercial implies that this man is too stupid to understand the difference between a burger and a sexual partner!

Either he is an idiot, or he simply doesn’t understand relationships, so he finds connections with food instead; enlightening yet another male stereotype the media holds dear: the stereotype that men are scared of commitment. This man has taken fear of a relationship to a whole new level; especially since at the end of he commercial he literally consumes the object he previously formed such an intimate relationship with.

Finally, this man is portrayed in his underwear on his bed. The outfit he’s wearing isn’t even particularly “sexy” or “stylish”; in fact, it’s an embarrassing outfit (especially with his high socks). However, he can afford to be in this commercial with subpar fashion because he is a conventionally attractive white male. If this were a female, she would almost certainly be scantily clad and sexualized because she doesn’t have her gender to rely on. She doesn’t need to “prove” that she belongs in this commercial.

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