Crystal Light Ad

This crystal light ad, found in an issue of Vogue, tells women that they don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying their product, their slogan (cut out of this picture) stating “5 calories. No guilt. Because you never know.” The word guilt seems to be re-occurring in food advertisements aimed at women. As discussed in Killing Us Softly 4, there is a focus on women’s weight in the media. The media has created this feeling of guilt in which women feel the need to control what they eat. In “Selling the Body Beautiful,” Hesse-Biber suggests that the obsession with food and body size has created self-disciplining bodies. Due to ads like these, women have created such bodies, always vacillating between succumbing to desire (eating what they want) and feeling guilt about not controlling said desires. Bordo also suggests that the obsession with dieting and controlling food intake signifies gender roles. This ad is most likely geared at women because it is pink and such a product would never be advertised for men.

At the top of the ad it states “Cop at the bar wants to cuff you. He’s off duty.”  Going back to Kilbourne, she mentions in the video that the media represents women as fragile and weak to the aggression of men. There are many ads seeming to depict violence but this violence is sexualized and made to seem like a thing women desire. This ad does just that. I find it hard to believe that most women go out to the bar with the hope of being handcuffed by random men, yet, this ad suggests otherwise. It makes the idea of such a thing seem like the fantasy of heterosexual women (assuming the ad is geared towards women) and that, if they drink this, such a fantasy could come true.

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