“The Axe Effect – Women – Billions”

This commercial advertising Axe deodorant is a disturbing depiction of the objectification of women under the heterosexual male gaze and the glorification of male sexual desire.  In the ad, swarms of tall, thin women with large breasts, long hair, tiny stomachs, long legs, and large behinds are charging the scene as the camera primarily focuses on their fierceness of their ideal bodies as animals rather than faces or individualistic attributes as women.  Based on Berger’s statement that “how a woman appears to a man can determine how she will be treated” (Berger 37) this commercial justifies the treatment of women like pets or lesser animals by men.  In addition, Jean Kilbourne’s in Killing Us Softly 4 observation that there is extreme pressure for women of color to emulate the features of white women is strongly reflected in the coloration of the masses of “beautiful” women.  The most disturbing element of the ad lies at the end, where all the women flocking towards him as if they are his belongings please the single man.  Axe has sexualized their product as their slogan, “Spray More, Get More,” indicates that the self of ownership the man has over his deodorant is equivalent to that he has over these sexualized women.  This advertisement is aimed at a heterosexual, male audience, that just as in the wild environment of a jungle, mountains, and beach, men can rule over women and take advantage of them as “sex is trivialized” (Kilbourne).  As a result of these commercials, men judge real, non-photoshopped women based on this ideal.  

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