All Hail the V

This advertisement for Summer’s Eve “vaginal care products” comments on female sexuality.  Summer’s Eve wants women to know that vaginas are important, because they deliver babies and add to the population, but mostly because men fight over them.  In addition, men are more likely to fight over your vagina if it smells nicely and is properly pH-balanced.  None of these women are dressed scantily, yet this advertisement is a prime example of objectifying women.  Summer’s Eve seems to think that the female body is nothing more than the vagina.  And even though your “V” is important enough to be called “the cradle of life” and “the center of civilization,” it is completely unacceptable to say the word “vagina” on television.   This objectification correlates with Kilbourne’s claims in “Killing Us Softly 4,” although in my opinion this ad would be more honest if the camera just focused in on the body part for which it was trying to sell.

Interestingly the Summer’s Eve website offers an “ID the V quiz,” and a “Vagina Owner’s Manual,” indicating that women are in need of their assistance when it comes to taking care of their V.

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