Frappuccino Fashion Patrol — Skinny Jeans in Seattle

Two skinny girls running around in dresses and heels simultaneously advertising fashion and drinks that have 200 Calories per 9.5 fluid ounces. Mmm… Delicious misrepresentation. From what I can gather, they’re giving out gift cards for designer stores to people who fit the criteria of the day; there are a couple ads like this one you can watch on YouTube. I picked this one out because the item of the day is skinny jeans. Kilbourne gave us all a pretty clear take on what that kind of labeling might do women, though I know that’s just the cut of the jeans, the word seems to resonate with the concept of thinness nonetheless. Also, none of the women in this commercial are ‘overweight’, and the nature of the clip shows it’s been cut in various places. Lastly, 3 of the 5 men in the commercial appear to be gay men. This, for me, called up the idea Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai discussed – that “gay men in advertising also appear more frequently, especially in certain product categories such as entertainment, fashion, and alcohol” (Tsai 2, my bold), which the last few seconds of the clip really emphasize as the two gay men stopped by the promoters then turn the critique back on them to compliment their outfits, which are stamped with the Starbucks Frappuccino logo. While the two men aren’t intending, perhaps, to point back to the product as ‘fashionable’, the commercial certainly is.

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