katy perry and pop chips

God forbid you have love handles.

Is pop chips love? Is Katy Perry love? Is this ad love?

the simple answer is that love comes from buying and eating popchips, from experiencing a product and feeling love for a food that won’t hurt your social position. The ad insinuates that love purely exists without the handles, without fat, and happens with guilt and with conformity to a certain body type.
The ad, in the end, sexualizes love so that it just becomes a matter of weight or looks that will determine whether or not you will receive love (sex) that will satisfy you as the popchips do.

Now it doesn’t seem apparent to the typical viewer that such a “cute” ad could sell something so subversive. The challenge of speaking to others about ads like these is how contrived interpretations seem without a critical wary eye. To be constantly suspicious of every image adds more to the psychic burden women face but can’t always articulate as teenagers, the main consumers of this media.
source: http://ryanseacrest.com/2012/08/29/katy-perry-wants-to-cut-the-guilt-photos/

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