Natan diamonds; Ad critique

The following link is an advertisement for Natan diamonds. The image on the left displays a man holding out a closed jewelry box to a woman with her legs crossed. The image on the right shows the man holding an open jewelry box with a diamond inside of it. In this second image, the woman’s legs are uncrossed, and open. Her body language is submissive. Although the man’s body isn’t even shown, the viewer can still sense that the man is dominant over the woman in the second image. Even though the advertisement should be focused on the actual diamond, the diamond in the picture is barely visible. Instead the focus is placed on the portrayal of the woman as a sex object for the man. The woman’s legs are pale and flawless, which suggests that she is pure and virginal. The ad suggests that the woman will sacrifice her purity not for the man himself, but for material objects such as diamonds, in this case. In Hesse-Biber’s “The Cult of Thinness,” she argues on page 62 that “Our society encourages women to see themselves as objects.” In Chapter 3, “Selling the Body Beautiful: Food, Dieting, and Recovery,” she discusses how the beauty industry succeeds by nurturing female insecurities. She explains how the mirror, which reflects objects placed before it, is an analogy for how our society lives off of women’s addiction to weight and body image. This ad makes a direct comparison between a woman and a diamond. The woman’s flawless skin and legs match up to the flawlessness of the diamond. The ad suggests that the beauty of women should be equivalent to the beauty of a diamond, an object that is cut, carved, and manipulated until perfectly beautiful.

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