Reebok – Easytone

This commercial suggests a woman is nothing but legs and butt; faces on women are irrelevant. She is portrayed as playful, cute, and athletic with a touch of sexy. Although the item being sold in the forefront is sneakers, the actual things being marketed as desirable are a sexy butt and legs, not to mention all of the confidence in the world. This video works to agree with Susan Bordo’s point in Reading the Slender Body, where she states that the media portrays that women should only strive for slenderness or toned musculature. Although not explicitly stated, the idea of “girls just wanting to have fun” is heavily displayed, primarily girls with skinny legs; pear shaped women probably don’t have as much fun. It appears that the viewpoint of the heterosexual male is represented; however, the camera’s focus more likely represents the perspective of the coveting female in our modern culture. As a part of the target group, I initially found myself falling into the role of the coveting woman. I feel that being a part of the target audience allows for me to personalize my critique and to draw from the effect the commercial had on me.


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