Sexist Remote Control Beer Cooler Commercial

The advertisement posted below is for a remote control beer cooler:

This advertisement is extremely sexist and targeted to heterosexual men. As Lorber expressed, the creation of two distinct genders allows for a stratification of the genders, and the male gender is given a higher status than the female gender. This ad clearly illustrates this. As a woman, she has to serve him by getting him the beer, even though he can clearly bring the beer closer to him with the controller. He can easily reach over and get the beer, but he sends the cooler all the way over to her because it’s her “job” as a woman to cater to his needs. The slogan at the end provides the message that a man should make a woman get him what he wants no matter what. Even if she cannot get to the fridge, she will still be forced to get her husband/boyfriend a beer by using the remote controlled cooler. He does not even ask her to get the beer, but rather, orders her to get him one. He also has the luxury of relaxing on the couch while she is on all fours cleaning the kitchen floor. This advertisement is perpetuating the stereotypes that a good woman will serve her husband’s every need and make their house spotless. Also, notice how she is thin and blonde. This further creates the idea of a perfect woman who is beautiful and subservient.

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