The Real Bombshell: The Truth Behind Victoria’s Secret Advertising

“Hello Bombshell! Victoria’s Secret’s new miraculous pushup; instantly adds two cup sizes.” More like Victoria’s Secret’s new product for marketing women. Victoria’s Secret’s new miraculous pushup, for the desires and pleasures of men. Victoria’s Secret’s commercial for their Bombshell family of bras is the epitome of the sexualization of women in an objective manner. Women strut around the scene in nothing but underwear (backs arched and chest out) as a method of selling the product. But is the commercial actually marketed towards women? Or is its intended audience actually men?

Bell Hooks, in “Sisterhood: Political Solidarity Between Women” once stated that, “Between women and men, sexism is most often expressed in the form of male domination which leads to discrimination, exploitation or oppression” (Hooks, 129). The ad takes an object that was once made for comfort and support for women and exploits women by now making this object a representation of sexual desire. Why? Because the female body is a mere object for a man’s pleasure. A bra is now worn to emphasize a woman’s shape for the “ideal” body, which is not the ideal body for women but men: slim but with large breasts.  One model wears a large necklace to draw attention to her breasts; another, a black jacket in contrast to her pale skin to emphasize her large bust. These images encourage men to continue to have this unrealistic vision of the female body and also impact the standards younger audiences have on beauty. Children are shown that there are “only two possible behavior patterns: the role of dominant or submissive being” (Hooks 130). Women being the lather. Women actually buy the product for the attention of men and therefore, acceptance because women have “always been man’s dependent; if not his slave” (Beavior 35). In fact, it is women that are indeed the object being sold.

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