True Love Will Find You In The End…


This Axe commercial was aired in August 2012 and stars two main characters: a creepy Cousin It-esque ball of hair  and a headless pair of perfectly round and perky breasts (complete with floating arms and tiny legs).  In her documentary, “Killing Us Softly 4,”  Jean Kilbourne states when women are separated into single body parts, which are then objectified, they are dehumanized making them more susceptible to violent crimes against them.  In this ad, the woman’s identity is stripped down to a set of breasts, as if that’s the only part of her that matters.  As the commercial progresses, the dynamic duo are shown “ogling” at each other from across the office, sharing an elevator, sneaking “peaks” at each other from a board meeting, and almost eating lunch together.  The ball of hair (which is assumed to be the more masculine of the two) then proceeds to “watch” the breast creature from an office window as it walks across a dark and deserted sidewalk, thus demonstrating Berger’s idea of the “heterosexual male gaze”.  The commercial ends when the faceless creatures transform into two full human beings waiting at a bus stop.  The last frame shows the pair walking towards each other with the tagline “HAIR. IT’S WHAT GIRLS SEE FIRST.” The background music assures the viewers that “True love will find you in the end…only if you’re looking for it, can it find you.” This tagline implies that if hair is the first thing a girl notices in a boy, then breasts are the first (and possibly only) thing a boy notices in a girl.  This sends the message that if your breasts don’t look perfect, as the pair featured in this clip, true love will not, in fact, find you in the end.

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