Dolce & Gabbana, a company based on luxury and class, here advertise their product in a way that is invasive to women (http://loveyourbody.nowfoundation.org/images/d&g.jpg). Flipping through fashion magazines, typically those most women buy, one can come across this two-page advertisement. The targeted audience of this being women is ironic considering the negative effect it has. This greatly influences my critique of this advertisement. It is evident this advertisement is offensive therefore I ask myself, why put this advertisement where most of those who see it will be offended?  Dolce & Gabbana are seeking publicity, regardless of its negativity.  There is no one object specifically being sold but instead the brand Dolce & Gabbana itself is.

This article belittles women of society. There are five men, all with stern faces and confident posture, staring at the woman on the floor. All the men are looking down at the woman as if she were a piece of meat. The women’s posture is degrading, weak and vulnerable while the men’s isn’t, further emphasizing Kilbourne’s point in Killing Us Softly that the posture of men in ads is strong, tough to signify their dominance over women. The setting is in a sunny pool; none of the men are dressed accordingly while the woman is thus hinting the coming of the men as a surprise. One man is shown forcefully holding down the women while the others watch. This evokes a gang rape and promotes violence against women. Sexual appeal is also used to promote the brand. The men’s sweat and lack of clothing, the woman’s vulnerable yet sexual posture, all signifies sex. This further degrades women of society portraying them as solely sex objects.

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