Ezra Miller, Performing Gender, and “Queerness”

This is an very interesting and quite beautiful (to me) image of Ezra Miller

I think this image really speaks to the sorts of looks and expectations we have for femininity and masculinity on seemingly “male” and “female” bodies respectively, and how those expectations can be quite easily undermined in very simple ways.

I came across this image on my tumblr and couldn’t help but share it with you. Ezra Miller is an American Actor, just recently in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, who, in this photo, seems to be embodying both masculine and feminine traits. His (I say he, because he self identifies this way, though he obviously has some comfort in defying gender “norms”) hair is up, clasped in a beaded clip, and curled, his lips bright red, lipstick unmistakable. His cheekbones are high, his eyes expressive, and his skin soft-looking. (These traits are valued in both men and women, though, perhaps more EXPECTED in women.) Yet, his jaw is sharp, strong looking, and his facial hair is thick and dark. He’s not masking his masculinity to appear more feminine, but allowing BOTH masculinity and femininity (Both kinds of repeated gender performances) to co-exist on his face. THAT is why this image is so striking. Many times with androgynous persons, the person seems to personify neither man, nor woman. They come across as gender neutral or ambiguous. In this image Ezra makes no qualms with presenting himself as masculine. He just also presents as feminine. It’s more than a little startling to see BOTH in one face.

Ezra self-identifies as Queer (though it’s not been established if that’s Gender-Queer as well as Sexuality). He’s established he has many friends of different sexes and genders, and is attracted to all kinds of people. Perhaps his comfort in performing outside of the gender norm stems from the accepted gender performances in his social space?

Citations: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mb52uaXTFT1rz02tao1_1280.jpg




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4 Responses to Ezra Miller, Performing Gender, and “Queerness”

  1. Reblogged this on salixproductions and commented:
    This is an image that sticks with you…it lingers in your mind. The cast of Maskulinity are taking this image to the studio. We can’t help ourselves!

  2. My first reaction is “wow!” And then I had to pause and look carefully. It takes one by surprise because it is not an image that we see in our every day lives. I find the picture beautiful and quite stunning.
    I wonder if you might enjoy this video…it is a section from my work “Maskulinity” with choreography by Ras Mikey C. We attempted to show how different movement looks when done my a man, or a woman and when dancers are paired the movement takes on differing connotations as well.

    • jmickey317 says:

      Yeah, I also find it beautiful. Thanks for the vid, it’s super interesting. And thanks for the reblog too! It’s awesome to have shared something that so piqued your interest. 🙂

      • I’m going to have to see this movie that he is in. One of the dancers from Maskulinity loves this actor and finds this image so provocative. We plan on starting with conjuring up words that occur to us while looking at the image – creating some gestures – moving those gestures and slowly working on some choreography. Searching for the story to come from all of it!

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