Battle of the Sexes

The first thing that came to mind while viewing this commercial was that this is completely sexist. As well as profiling a certain type of behavior for sexes, it muddles the meaning of sex and gender. It assumes the terms to mean the same thing, confusing the audience. Although it appears as if the commercial is merely trying to display a fun game for a “night in with friends”, much more is said than expected. It manages to reinstate the idea that men fix cars, love sports, and use power tools, while women only do their makeup and paint their nails in the bathtub. It unfairly characterizes a certain type of behavior for each sex. Even if the intent was not to place a gender identity, or type of behavior, on a sex, they manage to do so by stating “Answer questions from five gender related challenges…and prove you are the superior sex.” This statement alone relies on the fact that there are only two options within each category. Agreeing with Laura Hercher’s Gender Verification: A Term Whose Time has Come and Gone, I feel that gender is definitely more complex than it is portrayed in society (Hercher 551). By defining gender as a connection from sex, advertisers dismiss the possibility of individuals who partake in a variety of things that may not be associated with their sex.

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