Making Sense of all the “Facts”

This talks about how in the scientific community there’s a huge pressure to publish large amounts of high impact papers. This has to do with gender and society because people use “science” to defend certain gender role and body type ideas. For example, I have been heard many times that women should assume domestic roles for evolutionary reasons or obese people are more disease prone. The problem is I don’t know what’s correct and what’s incorrect. There are people that misrepresent research findings to fit their own views, but I always felt that the recipients can go back to the research papers and find out the actual truth. However, I’ve realized that scientific journals are looking for papers with absolute and significant results. So instead of publishing that some obese people might be at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases some researchers manipulate their data or extend their conclusion to say that if you are obese you are going to get a heart attack.

Besides from manipulated data, sometimes there are just conflicting data being presented. The question becomes who to trust. How does everyone else deal with this problem?

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