What does your vote really say?

Being an Australian and not knowing a lot about the American political environment I have been doing a bit of reading about the various campaigns and came across this article which I thought what quite interesting. Here, the author asks his facebook friends to defriend him if they intend for voting for Romney. Because Romney is an avid supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act, the author believes that a vote for Romney is practically a way of saying that those voters see him and other gay couples as less than equal, undeserving of the same rights and protections of his and their heterosexual brethren.

For the author a vote for Romney is akin to someone personally deciding that he and other gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married, have children or have their partner at their bedside when the end is near. I understand that such an argument is quite one sided and I do not know enough about the American political agenda to comment further. However, like in Australia, gay couples aren’t afforded the same rights and protections, legally they are almost like second-class citizens. Even though gay persons are achieving more acceptances in social culture, ultimately it is the legal sphere of society where change really needs to occur.


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