Comparing Gender Roles in the U.S. with Other Countries

In this class, we have predominantly spoken about gender roles within the United States. It would present a striking dialogue if we compared gender dynamics in the U.S. with other regions. For example, prejudices associated with gender are also quite prevalent in the Middle East. Gender especially is legally inscribed to dictate the behaviors of Iranian women. It has become an issue of great social urgency in Iran because women are perceived as second-class citizens.

Throughout Iran’s history, women have struggled to achieve equality in the context of politics and economics. The laws of Iranian society continuously discriminate against women; therefore, the people (both men women) do not feel obligated to show women respect in daily encounters. Iranian laws not only govern the political arena, but also dominate social policy and infiltrate the minds of society. Similar to the U.S., the damaging effects discrimination has on women continues to weaken society as a whole.

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