No Children, No Problem?

Women today are more inspired than ever to become strong-minded, independent women. Many of us are rejecting the gender roles and expectations that were typical in previous generations. The traditional role housewife is no longer the only occupation for a woman. Women are focusing more time on their careers and goals before they decide to settle down and start having children. But what about those women who have no desire to have children at any point in their lives?

It is becoming increasingly common for women to never want children. However, many times, these women are criticized because it is so unusual for a woman to say she does not ever want to be a mother. If a woman in her late 20s says she wants to have a child, most people would give her their blessings. If a woman in her late 20s says she wants to have a child, that woman would most likely be questioned and forced to provide an answer that the other person deems justifiable. The other person might insist that that woman will eventually change her mind, will never find a husband, or may not be able to experience true happiness without having a child.

In many cases, women who say they do not want children are simply viewed as selfish. Being a mother is arguably the most selfless job in the world. I believe that to be a mother, you have to give a lot of yourself, your time, and your money to make your children happy. And after all, a woman’s body is designed to carry a baby. Some women, however, are completely content with direction their lives are going and do not want to give up all of that, and I think that that should be okay. People should not meet these women with judgment or hostility because having a child is not the key to ultimate happiness for every woman.

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4 Responses to No Children, No Problem?

  1. irism999 says:

    I agree that society should not negatively judge women who do not wish to become pregnant. It is true that not every woman views motherhood as a source of happiness. However, there may be other reasons for which increasing amounts of women are deciding not to have children. Perhaps it is an indication of the lack of support that these women feel they are getting from society when they do become pregnant and continue with their occupations. The current system seems to suggest that women cannot be mothers and workforce agents simultaneously; employers basically tell women that they “cannot have their cake and eat it too.” The concept they present is not true though. Women are fully capable of doing both things. Thus they should be able to have kids if they wish and have the right to a period of leave without having to jeopardize their jobs. Women don’t need to make a choice between motherhood and work; society/employers need to change their attitude in and stop deciding what women can and cannot do.

  2. ldankwa says:

    In our community, there is an increased respect for women’s decisions. As this respect increases, it becomes more acceptable for women to choose not to have children. Because there are different definitions of fulfillment and gender, women are no longer bound to a certain storyline when they reach the age of 18. In my opinion, motherhood comes down to desire. Giving birth does not assure good parenting. In order to be a good mother, the woman must want to care for her children; this sparks from the initial desire of wanting that child, even before they become a part of her life. The amount of weight that has been placed on economic success has also affected how women approach pregnancy. As women continue to voice their desire to be successful in the workplace, it seems that many are dropping their desire to have children. It has taken away from the desire to start a family in women. The option of children is portrayed as something that hinders success in the workplace. By looking for a comfortable medium between the two, I feel that women who want both will feel more fulfilled. Right now, the idea of balancing a job and family is portrayed negatively. When more positive associations are made with this lifestyle, I feel that women will not be as worried about how their careers will be affected once they give birth.

    • marthao16 says:

      I strongly agree with your point that the idea of balancing a job and a family is portrayed negatively. Many women, especially those who have worked hard or are working hard to gain success in the workplace feel as if having children will take away much of their time and negatively affect their job performance. However, I think it is hard for women to make positive associations with this lifestyle because in many cases, women are the ones who have to make the most sacrifices when raising their children. In regards to their careers, I think that it relates to what we discussed in class about the United States’ lack of support for parental leave and how taking time off from work can be stigmatized, especially for husbands. I feel like if there were more support for mothers, not only from their significant others, but from their workplaces, it would be easier for women to balance their family and their job and set a positive example for other women.

  3. jenniferl0 says:

    I completely agree that women should have the ability to choose whether to have children or not. In my animal behavior class, the whole course can be summarized as everything animals do is to increase their reproductive success. However, for humans there are people who don’t want to have children. This can be used to disprove arguments people use to justify unjust human behaviors and notions on the basis that these behaviors are exhibited in other animals. Some arguments include that women are solely responsible for childcare because in mammals it is always females who care for the offspring or there should be a caste system because of dominance ranks observed in most animals (this was said to my professor by a minor British royalty). Assuming that human beings are genetically predisposed to these behaviors exhibited in other animals, it doesn’t mean things can’t change. Human being are rational and don’t have to follow their genetic predispositions, which is exemplified the fact that some people don’t want kids.

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