FOX’s “The War on Men”

I became aware of this article yesterday by a friend; it relies heavily on a definition of a woman. People are forgetting that a marriage is a partnership with an individual that they connect with. By getting lost in terms and technicalities it kills the initial purpose behind a marriage in the first place.

“Men haven’t changed much.” As a woman offended by this statement, I also think this statement is very misguided. From my everyday interactions I feel that men have been just as affected by the Women’s Movement as women have been. Although not the direct benefiters, men are also affected by its outcomes as individuals who interact with women daily. A changed gender definition in society changes the dynamic of society completely; people communicate differently under these new ideas.

I think it is misguided to place blame on any particular gender for the state that our community is in, in terms of gender relations. As people that live together in an environment, all sets of persons hold responsibility for whatever occurs. I find it ironic that the author chooses to end on the idea that one sex(male or female) must surrender for some type of “equal medium”. The idea of different sexes cohabitating in an environment shouldn’t be seen as some sort of give and take relationship. By changing how they view this foundational concept, different persons will be able to live with and learn from each other without unnecessary disputes.

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2 Responses to FOX’s “The War on Men”

  1. Emily Kalenik says:

    I agree with the points raised in the previous posts, and this article is certainly enraging. I wonder if it reflects actual opinions of society or if it is simply meant to be provocative?
    Regardless, there is is another frustrating aspect of this article that I would like to point out. The article uses the words “feminism” and “feminist” in an extremely negative way. This article makes it seem as though feminism’s only accomplishment is to make men angry and allow women to have random sex. It blames “feminism” as the cause for societal breakdown and implies that feminists are radical people who are just looking to start a fight. It is language like this that makes people embarrassed to say “I’m a feminist”. The dictionary definition of feminism is “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” When I first learned that this is the real definition, I started asking my friends and acquaintances if they were feminists. After they said something along the lines of “ew no” I asked if they think men and women should be equal. Everyone said yes. The media and popular culture needs to stop portraying feminists in this negative way. As long as people have this negative view of this movement and these words, people will hesitate to identify with the movement and work to promote change.

  2. ariel1001 says:

    Fox News, you never cease to amaze me. Upon reading this, I was honestly shocked, and shocked for a few reasons. First of all, as a heterosexual woman, I clearly am angry, defensive, and I hate men. They are the enemy. That is certainly why I choose to have sexual relations with men, because I hate them so much. One of my “favorite” quotes is “women pushed men off their pedestal (women had their own pedestal, but feminists convinced them otherwise) and climbed up to take what they were taught to believe was rightfully theirs”. Clearly feminists have been working for decades to take our rights away. I think I get it now! So basically, the feminists wanted us to push men off their pedestals and turn us against them because they are all lesbians and they are trying to convert us. Because you can convert someone to being gay. It just makes so much sense now…

    On a less sarcastic note, I think placing the blame on women for changing the gender roles is absolutely ridiculous. Using “men’s DNA” as evidence that men are meant to provide for and protect for their families while women sit at home and cook is not suitable for explaining why the modern woman has destroyed relations between the sexes. “Surrendering to their nature” is “key” for women to re-establish the correct sex roles. She is essentially claiming that women are naturally unambitious, don’t care about making money and don’t care about having a successful career. How about Suzanne Venker, the woman who wrote this article? She seems to have no problem praising her own work experience at the beginning of this article.

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