Obelisk Legal Support

As I skimmed through CNN.com today, I saw the title “Your top-flight lawyer? She’s a stay-at-home mom” and immediately caught interest in the article.  As we have discussed parents’—specifically, women’s—struggle to maintain the “work-life” balance, this article demonstrates how women have managed to achieve this lifestyle by their own terms. In 2010, Dana Denis-Smith and Charlotte Devlin founded Obelisk Legal Support, which targets highly qualified lawyers who had to leave their respective practices after having children. As I read the stories about current Obelisk Legal Support employees, I realized how parallel they were to the stories in Lisa Belkin’s “When Mom and Dad Share It All,” as women describe the difficulty in meeting the demands of their jobs while still making time for their children. In addition, Delvin encourages who women had to leave their jobs for their children to head back into the field, despite their concerns; Delvin wants to make sure that they are confident and aware that they have all of the necessary skills to make it back to the top. I admired Delvin’s remark that she does not believe that these women should be given sympathy for wanting to continue their career path, but rather they should be seen as desirable and exceptional candidates. It is certainly refreshing to hear a woman describe these working mothers as fierce competitors, and not as women who are (for whatever reason) disadvantaged. Obelisk Legal Support provides a flexible working environment and does whatever possible to help these women return to their jobs; these qualities are nonexistent in other law firms, and thus miss out on the opportunities of having such talented women on their staff. I believe that if companies like Obelisk Legal Support continue to be present in today’s society, then the future will be more promising for all working families.


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  1. emilym27 says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article! I completely support this firm, as my mom is a lawyer who quit her job when she had kids. For years, my mom has told me how much she regrets her decision, as she thinks that she set a bad example for me. Yet, though my mom realizes she made a mistake, she doesn’t really have the option to return to the legal world of 12+ hour days and constant stress. Obelisk seems to make this possible for people like my mom, which is great. One thing I’m curious about, though, is the success of the firm. Do they do well? Are people more or less inclined to hire them? Do people think they wouldn’t be as dedicated as full-time lawyers? I really hope that Obelisk is successful so that more offices will employ these values in the future, but I can’t help but think that their defiance of gender norms may keep them from becoming extremely popular.

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