What is oppression?

In the documentary “Diagnosing gender,” several trans people talked about being afraid to go to the doctor because of the discrimination and hostility they have to face when needing to get health care services.  This article about how the Affordable Care Act will change trans people’s treatment (http://www.thenation.com/article/169391/what-affordable-care-act-means-transgender-people#) explains that so far many trans people have had a hard time getting health insurance because many plans consider trans identity to be a pre-existing condition and that one in five transgender people have been refused medical care based on their gender identity by transphobic doctors. The article mentions the example of a trans woman who, after breaking her arm playing softball, had to pay for her treatment herself because, since she got injured playing in an LGBT league, her injury was considered as “transition-related.” According to the author, the ACA would change the current situation because it would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions and introduce LGBT cultural competency trainings for doctors. I wonder to what extent, if the provision is implemented, these competency trainings will actually be mandatory for all doctors in the country and will really be effective in educating about gender identity. Some kind of solution is definitely necessary to change the oppression that trans people have to face on a daily basis just to receive the most basic health services.

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