“Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her”


I came across this ad form 2009 and I was quite shocked to see that women objectification has been used not only to sell products, but even to promote organ donation.

We can see that, as usual, the woman in the ad is extremely thin and is supposed to represent the ideal female beauty as described by Kilbourne (very tall, skinny, narrow hips, long legs…). She is almost naked, her body language is passive, and she seems to make herself available to the viewer.

There are several things that are really wrong with this ad. Even though organ donation is supposed to be a cause worthy of being promoted to as many people as possible, we can see that the ad is exclusively targeted to heterosexual men. Sex is used to promote organ donation, but honestly I can’t see how the two can be compared, and I doubt that “having the chance to get inside her” has anything to do with all the reasons why people should think about becoming donors. The ad also implies that only thin, white, conventionally beautiful and sexy women deserve organ donations, and simply because they are objects of male desire.


Jean Kilbourne, Killing Us Softly 4                                    

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