Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends Video

On November 2oth, a satirical video went viral on Youtube and sparked some controversy on Facebook along with the Penn community. This video was meant to be an ironic video trying to get straight men to support gay marriage which I found interesting. I would say, this video posed an “oppositional gaze” that was rather successful. The controversy in the LGBTQ community however, was over how their community was depicted by one stereotype of the “typical, girly, gay man”. Although this may be true, I feel that this argument was quite dramatic as it was not about the people in the video but the sarcastic message that if gay marriage isn’t allowed, gay men will marry straight men’s girlfriends. Yes, there could have been more of a diversity in the types of men that were chosen for the video, but I do feel that this “oppositional gaze” is one that we always  talk about, which is not normally put out so often in the public, however, this video successfully did this, because it even had straight men respond with another video. Also, the video was not meant to be as polarized as it was but quite funny and lighthearted, therefore I do believe that “beggars cannot be choosers” and the people who opposed the video could easily create their own video and appreciate the message that the video is supporting.

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One Response to Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends Video

  1. ersilva1994 says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video! I think it accomplishes the task at hand pretty well. It supposed to be satirical and is supposed to be funny while advocating for same sex marriage. I don’t know if you guys saw the response video in which guys say that they would be fine with them marrying their girlfriends.
    I think that the response video is horrible. It is so “douche-baggy.” I think that it points out the idea that all men care about is sex and getting the girl. They don’t want commitment. The video makes it seem like men think spending time with their girlfriends that is NOT sex is boring. They are okay with someone else taking this away from them as long as they get to have sex. They make women seem as an object of pleasure. Shaking my head.

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