It’s your organs that matter…

The video above shows Tyra interviewing the families of transgender children as well as the child themselves. Josie, born Joey, is just 8 and has always known she was a girl, regardless of whether her parents knew or not. She mentions that she was “born with a birth defect” that she feels doesn’t belong on her body. She goes on to describing that before she could even talk, she knew she was a girl but did not know how to express it to her parents. Similarly, Kennedy always rebelled against her assigned gender. At the young age of 2, Kennedy would kick her mom rejected gender typical girl clothes.

Both these children, however, faced ridicule among their peers and even teachers for simply being themselves. I find it cruel and unfair that this little girl and boy now have to go through so much just to feel at ease with themselves. However, the innocence in these children reveals how wrongly society has been all along, placing gender based on certain bodily structures. Before society could determine them to belong to their sexed gender, these children based their decision only on what they felt, not on the pressure to conform. It becomes evident that biology does not dictate the feeling of gender. This disproves the focus of sex as the determining factor of gender. Imagine being assigned to one of two categories that will determine how others view you, based on an organ…perhaps the size of your small intestine? The size of your heart? It sounds absurd and comical, but in fact that is exactly what we’re doing. These kids have only tried to feel comfortable in their body but continue having to prove to others how they feel. It just goes to show how wrong society is.

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