“Spectacular”, PSA or just an excuse?

I heard about this music video about 2 years ago close to when it came out and was completely disgusted by what I believed the message of the song was, and what the past Disney actress was doing in her music video. I found it a couple days ago again, and this time read the disclaimer at the bottom of the video where she states that she made the video to shed light on unprotected sex and the problems facing it. She states “don’t shoot the messenger” and relates herself to other “performers” that don’t actually suggest the behavior that is shown in the music video. However, in her video, her body is overly exposed and she is objectified and in no way does she make it seem that she does NOT condone intoxication and unprotected sex. I don’t understand how this raunchy music video sends out the right message to little girls who look up the ex-Cheetah Girls name on Youtube, as opposed to making a PSA or a video in her advice column on Youtube “Keely’s World”.  I understand that maybe she is speaking about the subject by working as an actress in the video, as she would in any other movie, however, I feel that she was using the video as an excuse to “look sexy” and expose her body and dance moves in order to gain back some fame. Why couldn’t she speak about the issue in her advice column, as she definitely did not make any videos about “Becoming Sexually Active”, “Children of Incarcerated”, “Twisted Love Triangles”, “Lying In Relationships”, etc. What was so special about unprotected sex that she chose to make a MUSIC video from the topic?




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J96ujGstSUw (Spectacular music video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtnEDzfHwoI (one of her advice videos)

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