For what are corporations responsible when it comes to transgender health benefits?

NOTE: It is impossible to ask whether or not corporations should be responsible for transgender health care coverage without first asking whether or not corporations should be responsible for health care coverage at all. For the purposes of this BQR, I am operating under the assumption that corporations are responsible for health care coverage since that seems to be the basis of America’s current health care landscape.

The other day I came across an article from November 2011 about Google and its increased coverage of transgender health care ( It got me thinking about whether or not all companies should provide this level of coverage.

While I do think that all companies should provide some coverage for trans health care, I don’t think that Google’s “Gold Standard” of care is feasible for all companies, especially one’s that don’t have Google’s margins (or clout with insurance companies). Such expensive operations as genital reconstruction and hormone therapy would likely increase deductibles for all employees within a company, trans or otherwise, many of whom may already be struggling with paying their current deductibles. Within the confines of our current healthcare system, I don’t necessarily think it’s fair to spread the cost of trans treatments across all employees in this manner. In addition, such a practice might actually lead to statistical discrimination in hiring practices where recruiters (whether consciously or subconsciously) might not wish to hire people whom they consider to be eventual candidates for trans surgeries, an obviously undesirable outcome.

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