For what are you responsible?

I read a book about phenomena in the field of social psychology called “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion,” which explained that since there is too much information in existence for humans to process, there is a tendency to compartmentalize information limiting ourselves in order to avoid overloading. This may be true to some extent, but if we used this logic for everything than no one would ever learn and many would be excluded.

The gender binary that Judith Lorber speaks of in “The Social Construction of Gender,” already excludes many groups because most people would rather assume than ask. We should be sensitive and inquisitive about things that we do not know, especially when it comes gender, sex, sexuality, etc.

Without watching Ricki Lake’s “The business of being Born,” I would have never known that standing up was better than laying down with your legs up in the air when giving birth.  Without watching, “Diagnosing Difference,” I would have never known that there are many types of transgender. I also would have never found out that transgender people had to go through psychotherapy to get with psychologists who knew little to nothing about their needs or condition. Once these patients stepped into the psychologists’ office, the psychologist should have made an attempt to become more educated and unbiased on the matter rather than sticking to the status quo and making assumptions about the patient’s well-being. This is not to say that all psychologists are like this.

In stating this, I am saying that I am, we are, everyone should be responsible for continuing education about issues that we come across and making sure that we are questioning what we see and believe to be better humans in the end.

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