The Gay Gene

The following video discusses the possibile existence of a “gay gene.”

A scientific experiment is featured regarding two brothers who were separated at birth, and both identified as gay. One of them grew up without a father, and had always thought that this was the reason for his homosexuality. Many scientists argue that homosexuality is a combined result of both nature and nurture. Some argue that it is completely biological, and some argue that it is purely a result of how the child is raised. If there is a “gay gene,” I’d predict that as technology advances, someone could potentially develop a way to identify whether the baby possesses this gene while still in the womb. If such technology were developed, would parents wish to know whether their child possessed this gene? If they did so, would they choose to change their child’s sexual orientation and “make them straight”?  Would individuals argue that this is unethical? Could it be argued that it is unethical NOT to change the “gay gene” due to all the psychological stress that the child is bound to experience while struggling to be accepted by their peers due to their sexual identity? Will there ever come a day when it wouldn’t matter whether the child has the “gay gene” or not… could it ever be considered the equivalent of discovering whether your child is a boy or a girl?

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2 Responses to The Gay Gene

  1. jenyoon says:

    sexual preference is still unique and a defining trait of a person. It would be unethical to change this trait without the person’s knowledge.

  2. jenyoon says:

    I am currently learning about the brain and sexuality in my Biological Basis of Behavior class, and I think the ethical questions you raise are really interesting.

    I think our society (in United States at least) is becoming more receptive towards LGBTQ identifying people. I believe that in a couple years, for example, gay marriage will be as accepted as women suffrage. I hope in a couple decades, LGBTQ status would be just another attribute to a person, and not a source of political and social strife. Therefore, I do not think parents would choose to change the sexual identity of a fetus.

    Like for intersex conditions, sexual identity is something that the individual should choose. Just because a mother nurtures a fetus should not mean that the mother has the absolute right to change the life of her daughter or son.

    I do not think sexual identity could ever be equivalent to something as basic as biological sex. Neither do I think it is equivalent. In my opinion, sexual identity affects the life you will lead more than biological sex. While it is not as important as the effect of culture and socioeconomic status, sexual preference is still uni

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