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Infidelity: Now With Threesome Potential!

This ad is a rather startling example of both the fetishized visions of bisexuality discussed in Wan-Hsiu’s “Assimilating the Queers” and the objectification of women seen throughout our advertisement studies. Portraying a husband discovering that his wife has been cheating … Continue reading

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What is Discrimination?

With a massive global pay gap, disproportionate representation in politics, and a history of different legal statuses, women have a very clear disadvantage against men. This differential treatment has been enshrined into our culture via hierarchical concepts of gender that … Continue reading

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How Is the Self/Other Dichotomy Maintained?

In our society, the Self/Other dichotomy is routinely used to uphold forms of oppression and reinforce institutionalized power disparities. The Self/Other distinction is of course widely used to uphold gender hierarchies, where men are supreme, women subordinate, and nonbinary-identified individuals … Continue reading

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