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For what are we responsible?

The film “The Business of Being Born” allowed me to realize that a woman is responsible for how she treats her own body. The increased dependence on doctors, hospitals and Cesarean sections has caused birthing to be a medical emergency.  … Continue reading

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Gender Talk

Students presented a lot of interesting claims about their non-cis gender identity during the open-mic Gender Talk.  One student claimed that being trapped in the wrong body causes you to not know how to live.  This sense of confusion and … Continue reading

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An unfortunate reality

I volunteer regularly at the VA medical center, and serve as a bedside visitor to patients who are recovering from surgeries or who will remain in the Community Living Center for the rest of their lives.  Usually the patients share … Continue reading

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Equally Shared Parenting

After reading Belkin’s article, “Mom and Dad Share it All”, Belkin showed many examples of heterosexuals believing that equal parenting is the best way to raise children, and yet, it never seems to work.  This is not because the parents … Continue reading

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Bic Pens for Women I came across this video a couple days ago and wanted to share it!  In this video, Ellen DeGeneres mocks a new line of pens called “Bic Pens for Women”.  Her stand-up humor not only is absolutely hilarious, but … Continue reading

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Skyy Vodka Ad Critique

In the magazine advertisement for Skyy Vodka, women are sexually objectified in order to appeal to both male and female clientele.  In this advertisement, the sexual interaction between the man and woman is extremely pronounced, as the man stands with … Continue reading

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“Whose Body is it Anyway?”: Sexual Transformation in Germany, 1890-1933 Sander L. Gilman, Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University Respondent: Max Cavitch, Associate Professor, Department of English One of the major claims that Gilman makes is that in Germany, sexual … Continue reading

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