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Modern Family – not so funny!

So I’m currently sitting in front of the fire, rather annoyed. I wanted to watch something funny, so I went to hulu and decided to watch the most recent episode of Modern Family. I’m only 10 minutes in and I’m … Continue reading

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What is oppression when it comes to the ability to develop our sexualities?

Intrigued by anal sex, Tristan Taormino was discouraged that there were no resources familiarizing women with the ins and outs (no pun intended) of anal sex, and how it could be pleasurable for women.  This made me realize how severely … Continue reading

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Ad Critique for Petal Rose Cottage Play-Set Given the functions of this play-set and the crowd to whom this company is advertising, Hasbro is asserting that there are certain roles in a home that fall into the feminine domain because – from birth – girls naturally … Continue reading

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Sexiness is Power .. or is it Oppression?

My sister and I often have talks about whether or not it’s self-destructive for women to use their looks and sex appeal to get what they want from men. This can pertain to using cleavage to get into a restaurant … Continue reading

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