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The Gay Gene

The following video discusses the possibile existence of a “gay gene.” A scientific experiment is featured regarding two brothers who were separated at birth, and both identified as gay. One of them grew up without a father, and had always … Continue reading

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What is Discrimination? Dreamworlds 3

The film shown in class, Dreamworlds 3, examines the narratives told about contemporary music videos pertaining to sex, gender, and sexuality. The film encourages viewers to consider how these narratives shape individual and cultural attitudes about what it means to … Continue reading

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What is discrimination? (Bic Pens for Women)

I saw a commercial for “Bic for her “ pens, designed specifically for women. Ellen DeGeneres criticizes these pens on her show. Ellen makes a mock commercial, in which a girl says that she can’t handle “man pens,” … Continue reading

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Natan diamonds; Ad critique The following link is an advertisement for Natan diamonds. The image on the left displays a man holding out a closed jewelry box to a woman with her legs crossed. The image on the right shows the man holding … Continue reading

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“From Stilettos to Steel Toes”

A couple of weeks ago I attended SWE’s (Society of Women Engineers) first GBM. They introduced an essay contest titled “Stilettos to Steel Toes” and encouraged all of us to participate. A woman recruiter from a company called Schlumberger spoke to … Continue reading

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Bioethics: Sexual Transformation in Germany

The session I attended during the Bioethics, Sexuality, Gender Identity National Conference was called “Whose Body Is It Any Way?: Sexual Transformation in Germany, 1890-1933.” The name of the speaker was Sander L. Gilman, professor of Psychiatry at Emory University. … Continue reading

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