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Too Radical to Function?

Reading excerpts of Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex was, admittedly, a shocking experience.  Her imagined “utopia” for a “feminist revolution” sounded more like a dystopia devoid of meaningful human contact to me.  I believe that she is distorting feminist … Continue reading

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Taking the “queer” out of queer representation

In her essay “Assimilating the Queers, Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai argues that “advertising tames the dangerous gender and sexual outlaws to make them look just like heterosexuals.”  For me, this identified the problem that has no name in gay-inclusive advertising, the … Continue reading

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What is privilege?

While it was written over 25 years ago, the Bell Hooks piece on the concept of privilege within feminist communities is strikingly contemporary.  Feminists of privilege often naively assume that all women are united by their womanhood and ignore the … Continue reading

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