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Asexuality was largely unmentioned during our Gender & Society course this semester. After viewing the documentary “(A) Sexual” in order to learn more about this expression of sexuality, it seems that neither is it a prevalent topic of discussion outside … Continue reading

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Irina Carmon on Women and the 2012 Election

Last week Irina Carmon delivered a talk on the role of women’s rights issues in the 2012 campaign. She was not hesitant to display her content with the results of the election in the realm of women’s issues, including representation … Continue reading

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Power and Media in “Miss Representation”

Jennifer Siebel’s “Miss Representation” is a response to her own fears of raising her first daughter. The statistics, images, and soundbites in the film present a discouraging picture of the connection between two American cultural mainstays: media and power. In … Continue reading

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“Men don’t want to look at naked men”

JBS Underwear ran a 2006 advertising campaign with the tagline, “Men don’t want to look at naked men.”  The commercial (found here) and a series of print advertisement feature slender, topless females modeling the male underwear line.  The models are … Continue reading

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A response to “Down and Out”

“Down and out: Ethical treatment of War Related PTSD in LGBT Veterans,” Professor Jennifer Terry (Respondent: Professor Beth Linker) Professor Terry’s presentation “Down and Out” focused on the sociopolitical forces that influence the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in … Continue reading

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On the natural composition of an athlete

What is fair? In July of 2009, South African Caster Semenya ran her life’s best 800-meter race, for which she became a gold-medalist at the IAAF World Championship in Berlin. Her accomplishment was undermined when the International Association of Athletics … Continue reading

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