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The Strip Club Co-op

Source: Once & Future Kids In Keeping Women Down and Out, Sheila Jeffreys argues that the strip club boom does not reflect equality between men and women; it does not signal female empowerment. Instead, it is a manifestation of gender … Continue reading

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Plan B = Plan A?

In Racism, Birth Control and Reproductive rights, Angela Davis argued that the birth control campaign carried strong racial and classist undertones and excluded women of colour and lower socioeconomic status. Since Davis’ article, access to birth control has improved significantly … Continue reading

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Marx and Housekeepers

In 2009, the movement of gender equality logged another milestone with the signing of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. However, while it advances the rights of women with male counterparts in their profession, it says little about those who … Continue reading

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Too hot to work

In “Keeping Women Down and Out”, Jeffreys focuses primarily on male business outings that alienates and subverts women in the workforce. While I doubt that reputable firms engage in the sort of extreme business entertainment Jeffreys describes, the underlying patriarchal … Continue reading

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Binders of Women

Between Biden’s “unhinged” laugh and Romney’s stab at Big Bird, the 2012 presidential debates have been a boon for political comedians. Among the various gaffes, Mitt Romney’s comment about his “binders of women” has inspired countless commentaries in traditional and … Continue reading

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Male Virginity < Female Virginity

In 2009, a 22-year-old California college graduate auctioned her virginity online, offering her body to bidders nationwide and garnered a winning bid of 3.7 million dollars. Despite the craziness of the endeavor, a 20-year-old Brazilian woman has followed in the … Continue reading

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Man vs. Woman

In the world of advertising and mass media, perhaps no sales tactic is as rampant or as heavily abused as the usage of the female body and its associated connotations to move sales. Among the guilty suspects, the automobile industry … Continue reading

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Virginity Auctions

In 2009, Natalie Dylan made headlines when she auctioned off her virginity, with the highest bid offering a cool $3.8 million. Reactions varied. Some denounced Natalie’s morality, while others, such as one Fortune 500 CEO, lauded her “entrepreneurial gumption”. To … Continue reading

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