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Responding to Sexual Harassment

I tutor eighth graders at Shaw Middle School in West Philadelphia, and my experiences have shown me how pervasive sexual harassment is in our culture. Last Friday, I was sitting at a table with several Penn tutors and their tutees … Continue reading

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Giving birth in a hospital

The documentary that we watched in class today, “The Business of Being Born,” reminded me of a story that my mom told me. When she was at the hospital to give birth to my brother, she began to feel pressure, … Continue reading

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Proactiv Commercial

This Proactiv advertisement declares that physical flaws are repulsive. The company assumes that the girls viewing the advertisement are heterosexual; this excludes non-heterosexual girls, which suggests that their sexuality is abnormal. Additionally, it sends the message that having a boyfriend … Continue reading

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What’s at stake in the 2012 election?

1. One of the presenters claimed that, in general, the problems of the past four years have largely improved. Most of the facts that she used to support this claim focused on the way in which Philadelphia’s protection of civil … Continue reading

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What is fairness?

When Caster Semenya completed her historic race, the blogosphere ran rife with comments accusing her of foul play. Her crime? Possessing a masculine biology. Many believed that this allowed Caster to run faster than a woman would normally be able. … Continue reading

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