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Watch this!

I just saw this short video about women in advertisements, and it covers a lot of the same material that was in our MAP videos. I highly suggest you watch it!

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“Barbies are for girls and construction sets are for boys. Or are they?”

This New York Times article discusses Mattel’s creation of a Barbie construction house. Its main claim is that men now have a larger role both buying toys and playing with their kids, and children now have a wider range of toys with … Continue reading

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“What does Gender Equality mean?”

I saw this piece on the New York Times website, and it seemed extremely relevant to our class. It includes multiple authors’ responses to one question: “What does Gender Equality mean? Is it achievable?” Not only are their answers intriguing, … Continue reading

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What is empowering?

Female empowerment is a major theme in “The Business of Being Born,” and it is one of the primary focuses of the natural birth movement. Throughout the movie, various women discuss how there is nothing else in the world that … Continue reading

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Silk Pure Almond Milk

I found this advertisement for Silk Pure Almond Milk in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan is a magazine geared towards young women, an age group that is particularly concerned with body image. This was the only advertisement about food … Continue reading

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One Billion Rising

In lschott1’s post, she discussed how it is ‘taboo’ to injure a female. This got me thinking a lot about more serious violence towards women, especially rape, and it reminded me of a video I recently watched (details below). Why … Continue reading

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